Ep 30 – “Making a Plan For Your Podcast Before You Start”

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Ep 30 – “Making a Plan For Your Podcast Before You Start”

Why do so many podcasts fail? How do I keep from becoming a statistic?

Do I have a plan for my show?

Over 80% of podcasts have not published an episode in the last 365 days. Why? Well a lot of shows don’t count the cost before they get started. They don’t have a plan and things fall apart. So what can you do about it.

In this episode, we will talk about:

+Having a plan for your show

+Benefits of mapping out your show

+What I have see work in other shows

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“Sir” Isaac Smith has been working in audio production for over eight years, guiding new podcasters through the process of creating, launching, and maintaining their shows. Whether you are contemplating how to get your podcast off the ground or you’re interested in taking your production game to the next level, subscribe to The Full Time Podcast Producer as your go-to resource for pure podcast education.


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