Talking Boxing with the Other Superman—Champion Aaron Davis

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In the guest corner, he comes to us from his native hometown of the Bronx, NY, with an outstanding record of 49 wins against only six defeats with 30 big wins by knockout. Now a world class trainer, Matt welcomes the former WBA Welterweight Champion of the World, Aaron “Superman” Davis. Retired since 2002, Davis has turned his full attention to training the next generation of champion boxers.

Davis reiterates what many guests on the podcast have said, “Boxing is hard. You have to be dedicated and have the will to win.” Davis knows what it takes to be a champion—hard core dedication and focus. Boxers don’t lead a “regular life.” Missing holidays and family events is tough. But the gift of discipline can serve you well for the rest of your life.

At one point in his career, he was discouraged because no one wanted to fight him. Over the last five years of his career Davis won all six bouts, including a bloody battle against another former guest, Vinny Paz, who is as tough as they come. But Davis’s precise jabs and uppercuts tore Paz’s face so badly that the ringside doctor and referee called the fight in eight rounds for Davis. His last fight was against Ross Thompson in 2002, closing his career with a final win, never once having been KO’d himself.

Davis laments that there are few fighters these days who take control of a fight. He blames the trainers for not teaching young boxers how to fight. Ironically, they’re too worried about getting hit.

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