The Pretty Boy Who Packs a Punch—Mr. TKO Tyrone “The Jackpot” James

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In the guest corner, from Elmont, New York with an undefeated record of 12 wins, no losses and nine big wins by knockout, Matt welcomes the most electrifying man in Rockin’ Fights history, the current ABO North American Super Welterweight Champion, “The Jackpot” Tyrone “Pretty Boy” James. Bringing a load of charisma to every fight, you’d never guess that unless he’s in the ring, this champ is camera shy. And when he’s not boxing, he’s busy working on his honey-do list around the house and playing ball with his sons.

But James thought in 2019 that his career hit a hard stop after he injured his elbow at work, picking up trash for the sanitation department of Nassau County. He says after surgery for a torn UCL, at first, nothing was working. Physical therapy began, in a cast, the next day. He’d never had surgery before, and he certainly wasn’t used to depending upon people to help him with everything.

Recovery proved difficult, especially after the cast was removed when even one pullup seemed impossible. But James had the mentality, “I won’t let this stop me.” His outlook, his faith in God, as well as the support and encouragement of his family and friends helped get him through. After two and a half years off, he was ready to fight, and he insisted on a title bout to boot.

In his comeback debut, James had an outstanding performance against a tough opponent, Jimmy Williams, to win the ABO North American Super Welterweight title. He started the fight a bit tentatively, but says of his jab that knocked out Williams, “All it takes is one.

James is one of the most dynamic and entertaining boxers out there, and he’s proven his mental agility. The only thing this tough guy can’t seem to handle are rodents! In fact, he says, “I’m afraid of everything but people.

Stay tuned for Matt’s FAST FIVE to find out the worst idea James has ever had and a clean joke—both very funny little ditties.

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@thisguydaffy | Instagram

Tyrone Prettyboy James Sr (Daffy) | Facebook


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