Ep #4 Why You Need To Start Your Own Podcast If You Want To Succeed As a Podcast Producer

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“Ep. #4 Why You Need To Start Your Own Podcast If You Want To Succeed As a Podcast Producer”

If you want to be a podcast producer, you NEED to have your own PODCAST!

That’s it, case closed, end of story.

You might already have one, and that’s great! But if you don’t, then how else are you going to be able to guide another podcaster through the production process?

Now you may be thinking:

“But I don’t sound good.”


“I have no idea what to make a show on.”


“I just want to be a producer.”

In the words of Robert Kiyosaki, there are “Real Teachers” and there are “Fake Teachers”

A real teacher is someone who teaches from experience, no matter how successful their experience was or wasn’t.

A fake teacher never even tried. They read books that are written by real teachers and try to pass themselves off as legitimate.

The same is true for producers, you can be one that knows the process from experience or you can rely on blog articles and YouTube videos…Which one do your clients want to be working with when they interview you?

In this episode, we talk about the importance of having your own podcast if you want to start the journey of become a podcast producer.

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“Sir” Isaac Smith has been working in audio production for over eight years, guiding new podcasters through the process of creating, launching, and maintaining their shows. Whether you are contemplating how to get your podcast off the ground or you’re interested in taking your production game to the next level, subscribe to The Full Time Podcast Producer as your go-to resource for pure podcast education.


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