5 Thing’s You Need to Know to Survive Cancer

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Episode Description

“This is NOT about getting ready to die, it’s about lessening your anxiety…because your anxiety and your mental processes have a direct effect on your immunology”

In this episode Dr. Gary Onik reveals the five things he believes everyone needs to know to survive cancer. An integrated oncologist and a pioneer in the field of cancer treatment for over 40 years, you could say Dr. Onik knows his subject front to back. But he’s also a cancer survivor, ironically of the very cancer he specializes in, advanced metastatic prostate cancer. He’s alive and well with no evidence of disease and wants to help others every day he lives.
Get Dr. Onik’s advice on…
  1. Finding the RIGHT oncologist for YOU, what to look for and how to conduct the research.
  2. Taking responsibility for your own care, advocating for yourself, and researching outside the usual protocols including clinical trials.
  3. Why YOU need the support of your loved ones and why THEY NEED to provide it.
  4. The power of mobilizing as many people to pray for you as possible. Prayer works.
  5. Finding comfort in faith and a higher power and accepting that some things are beyond understanding.
Dr. Onik closes with two things that help us successfully overcome when life’s tough: Purpose and Faith.
For over 40 years Dr. Gary Onik has been pioneering advances in cancer treatment that have rocked the field of oncology, inventing an entirely new branch of cancer treatment now known as “Interventional Oncology” based on his innovative minimally invasive techniques. Both doctor and patient, he created a cancer vaccine and successfully treated his own terminal prostate cancer using his invention. In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Onik is an Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, working closely with his colleagues to develop the next generation of cancer fighting technologies. His latest work, using immunotherapy to treat metastatic cancer, offers hope to those patients with literally no other options.  

DR. GARY ONIK https://www.garyonik.com/

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Dr. Gary Onik


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