Healing Yourself Through Relationships

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“Fall in love with everyone you meet: healing through relationships”

We all crave it. We all need it. What is it? It’s cliché, but 100% true, love is the answer. And it wins every time. On this episode host Rebeccah Silence gives valuable insight and practical advice on how love can heal your relationships. If you take away only one truth from this podcast, learn this: others are not responsible for making you feel. Only you control the way you feel. With that knowledge Rebeccah will guide you into falling in love with yourself more deeply—and everyone you meet.

What is love? Love is the experience of being connected. Rebeccah highlights some of the pitfalls that keep us from this connection: Measuring Love, Dishonesty, Withholding, Unclear Boundaries, to name a few. If we can recognize the things that trip us up, we can eliminate them. So, how do you get more love? You gotta give more love. Even when it means loving the unlovable.

When it comes to love, in childhood many of us learn we need to earn. But what if we were to stop measuring love and simply focus on giving more of it to everyone, whether we believe they deserve it or not? Too often we blame others when our relationships aren’t working. But our relationships aren’t hurting us, rather, they are a mirror to show us where we haven’t healed yet.

Rebeccah outlines a three-step process to help maintain independence and stay true to ourselves while being committed to others. The outcome? True breakthrough in radical self-love and the ability to fall in love with everyone you meet.

In closing, Rebeccah answers questions on how to heal and have healthy loving relationships, beginning with the most important person in your life, YOU.

Rebeccah Silence, is a speaker, coach and international media personality, who survived cancer while pregnant and has impacted hundreds of thousands of listeners through her radio programs and appearances. She is the Creator of the HEALING IS POSSIBLE movement and courses and is committed to helping others heal their traumas. As a certified world-class Emotional Healing Coach, Rebeccah is uniquely qualified to facilitate breakthroughs to wellness and transformation while she inspires hope and possibility in even the most challenging times. She is best known for healing heartbreak, and her clients frequently tell her that she brought them “back to life”!  www.rebeccahsilence.com

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