Taig & Anthony

Get More Listeners

A podcast shouldn't take you years to figure out nor should it feel complicated or frustrating.

At GetMoreListeners.com, Anthony & Taig help podcasters experience explosive podcast growth in 90 days or less through their signature 4 Step Growth Process. After writing 2 podcasting bestsellers, taking 1000+ coaching calls and interviewing over 100 podcasters…they’ve seen their fair share of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to growing a highly engaged audience fast.

These battle-tested 4 steps have been used to help podcasters get their first 1000-download month, help those who were already getting thousands of downloads triple their audience size, and even allow others to make a full-time income from their shows within a few weeks.

Founded by Anthony and Taig who spent the entirety of this decade building out and serving their audience of podcasters.

They believe growing a podcast shouldn’t take you years to figure out nor should it feel complicated or frustrating. And it definitely shouldn’t be left exclusive to celebrities with expert teams and unlimited marketing budgets. Independent podcasters looking to make an impact should have simple actionable steps they can follow to consistently grow a highly engaged audience FAST to do what they love full-time!

If you’re a podcaster stuck with slow & steady growth and want a totally new way to grow and monetize your show, visit www.getmorelisteners.com to find out more about how you can fast-track the process.