raju panjwani

Leadership coaching to accelerate
your growth -and depth

Live Masterminds, Inc is a movement, begun during early 2020, to help individuals redefine success on their own terms, so that they could experience more time, space and energy. It is about how to feel free in a restricted world and truly become a master of self and express their unique gifts in the form of a business.

For Those Individuals And Corporate Leaders Who Want To Be Bolder In Life, We Offer The Following Programs:

A one-day workshop to create a blueprint of Key Principles that are the foundation of the mission you want to pursue and one that matters to you. 

A three-month Coaching LIVE, via Zoom, for individuals who are typically high achievers, successful in worldly ways, but are experiencing a mid-life transition that often includes: empty nest syndrome, strained marriage, a severe health issue, or feeling disconnection from purpose. This program teaches you to:

  • Regain confidence in your own ability, primarily to be able to express and communicate 
  • Find clarity in your renewed mission 
  • Discover depth in connection with yourself and your relationships 
  • Feel true freedom at your core, and begin to expand your perspective in your career, health and relationships

1:1 Coaching with Raju (only 4 individuals a year) for select individuals with struggles (as listed above), who may not be suitable for a Group format. This requires a 6-month minimum commitment. 

A two-day Mastermind Retreat workshop in a larger setting, twice a year, which includes clients who have gone through any of our programs. 

Raju Panjwani has been committed to personal growth since he can remember. His personal transformation, however, has occurred multiple times. He came to the US with just $8 in his pocket, experienced a divorce by age 34, had six near-death experiences, including the 2004 Asian tsunami in which he and his family were swept away, followed by the death of his second wife to Stage 4 cancer, which left him to single-parent two boys. 

Raju has lived in the US for over 40 years. As a John Maxwell Certified Coach and Speaker, and a high-performance focused coach, Raju is passionate about helping leaders and business owners expand their vision and move to realize their potential. He has also taught the Dale Carnegie course, curated and developed several hundreds of hours of training, participated in exclusive masterminds, and coached leaders.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Raju has had five start-ups. Prior to having his own businesses, Raju worked at Morgan Stanley (MS) for 18 years, where he was a Managing Director. His roles there included being the Global Head of Risk and Audit, COO and Country Head of MS’s India office and Global Head of Strategy and Sourcing. Raju’s passion for personal development and his ability to influence and coach continues to garner him appreciation for:

  • Identifying and Nurturing Leaders
  • Grooming Top Talent
  • Coaching Leaders to Redefine Success on their terms