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Our mission at Life’s Tough: YOU can be TOUGHER, is to partner with some of the world’s leading experts in coaching, speaking, and motivation—bringing high-quality resources to those who need support, hope, a sense of belonging, or just a little more peace in this confusing and ever turbulent world.

Our desire is to touch the hearts that need healing and challenge people to go from surviving to thriving. Together as a community, we share our experiences, strategies, and skills aimed at building better lives, healthier relationships, and a kinder society. We are TOUGHER TOGETHER!

Meet Our Coaches​


Raju Panjwani

Leadership Coaching to accelerate your growth — and depth.


Isaac Smith

Leverage Your Production Skills With the Podcast Production Coach.

Seb 2.5

Sebastien Lavoie

Leadership Training and Performance Coaching

Jimmi Bradbury

Jimmi Bradbury

Live. Life. Matter. International Executive Coach.

David Mykel 2

David Mykel

PSYFI – Training Minds Through Bodies.

Rebeccah Silence 2

Rebeccah Silence

Healing Is Possible – The world needs you healed so you can make your difference.

Taig & Anthony

Taig & Anthony

Get More Listeners and Grow Your Podcast

Client Testimonials

"WELL DONE Jimmi on launching your online course….I’ve already watched all your introduction videos and also all of Module 1.You are doing something that is so wonderful, and just what I have always wanted to do at some point. Now I don’t need to pursue this dream anymore, because you are doing it, and really, really well.”
- Mike, Dublin, Ireland
“David is an excellent coach. He has a great balance between making you feel pushed to your limits and at the same time supported. We worked on strengthening specific areas and it worked very well. He also prepared my teenager for challenging a trip. He was able to motivate her in the way she was enjoying it, but at the same time she was pushed to her limits.”
- Karmen M. - Senior Account Manager
"I focus more on the what and why instead of the how and therefore I'm bolder and more courageous which leads to taking action with more conviction and confidence. I am more conscious day to day in what I do. Joining the Bold Conscious Leadership coaching session has not only given a positive impact for me in starting my business but also in my day-to-day life.”
- Lilian Wanandy-Perez
"My life has taken a 180-degree turn since working with Rebeccah. The life I only dreamed of has become a reality and it's directly correlated with the work I have done with Rebeccah"
- Anonymous & Grateful
“Revealing. Empowering. Inspiring. A needed experience for anyone who wants to have more focus and tap into their inner power, consistently and intentionally. David is a phenomenal coach. Highly recommend him.”
- Maria B. - Founder/President
The difference in Anthony's consulting was the fact of how personable he was and how much time and effort he put in. He genuinely wanted to see me succeed I felt great when I saw my numbers going up. I went from 500 to 7,000 downloads in just a couple of months.
- Anonymous

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