Jimmi Bradbury

International Executive Coach

Imagine waking up every morning to PayPal notifications in your inbox from people all around the world who have paid you when you were sleeping…

So, the question I ask is….Why is it that 96% of the workforce today trade their most valuable asset – TIME – for money? – The salary, pay check or fee!

For 25 years I was also one of those 96% statistics…

Then in 2017, I left behind over 25 years of living and working around the world in the corporate life.

I started sharing my knowledge, experience expertise and what I found was that you can create lucrative business online sharing what you already know.

Today I earn multiple streams of income sharing my knowledge and expertise have in numerous online courses and programs, some that have generated 6 figures of sales.

In 2019 I started coaching people from all walks of life on how to earn additional income online sharing what they already know – from Olympic athletes, authors, coaches, actors, single parents working from home, CEOs of multi-million dollar companies, doctors, yoga teachers, physiotherapists and many more.

There has never, in our lifetime, been more people online

Do you have something they are googling for?

I’m committed to helping professionals monetize their knowledge and expertise and create an online business (or side project), so they too can have more time and financial freedom.

I call this living the ‘Life You Imagine’

I do this by showing people how to position themselves as the ‘go to person’ in their field of expertise and to package and promote it online

Is that you?

If so, you may be feeling one of these things:

🌟 You know you’re meant for more and you see other people crushing it online but you just don’t know where to       start or the exact steps to take.

🌟 You feel tired of trading your valuable time for $$ and you’re stuck doing the 9-5 job or 8-8 in a business you         own.

🌟 You would love to be shown how to wake up to money you earned whilst you slept.

I’d be an ideal mentor for you if:

🌟 You know there is a better way to boost your income other than working more hours.

🌟 You see people selling courses, books, downloads, programs so you know it works – but don’t know how to           package what YOU know & love and sell it.

🌟 You know you want to change something but you’re going round in circles and letting the months & years             pass by without taking action – you just need someone to show you HOW and WHAT to do.