David Mykel​

PSYFI – Training Minds Through Bodies

David Mykel says, “I know what it feels like to lose your physical, mental and emotional health. Before starting PSYFI, I worked grueling, 121-hour weeks as a litigation psychologist on multi-million dollar matters for Fortune 500 corporations and America’s top 100 law firms. For a long time, I loved my life and my career but then became overworked, addicted, and depressed. Not only that, I had no idea what my true purpose was anymore, what I really wanted, and was uncertain about what would make me happy again. That was my story. Then I decided to re-write it.”

David Mykel is the creator of the Psychology-Fitness industry and the founder of PSYFI, a high-performance professional wellness experience that delivers incredible results in 75-minutes or less with a 98% efficacy rate. He has built this company on a foundation of extensive experience and expertise: over a decade of experience and optimizing executive performance in Fortune 100 companies, as well as professional athletes nationally and over 25 years of experience in psychology, coaching, and fitness worldwide.

David’s numbers speak for themselves:
Over 4,000 clients have experienced:
71% Increase in Productivity
62% Increase in Focus
58% Decrease in Stress

For the first time, find your own clinical psychologist, personal trainer, life coach, breathwork teacher, and meditation instructor all in one, but instead of having to wait months or even years for results, you get them in 75-minutes or less with a 98% effectiveness rate. PSYFI’s mission is to help you optimize your physical, mental and emotional performance by training your brain, body and breath as one.