Ep. #13 part 2 – How to Get Clients as a Podcast Producer, Where To Find Clients

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Ep. #13 part 2 – How to Get Clients as a Podcast Producer, Where To Find Clients

How do you get clients as a podcast producer? Where do you find them? How do others already have so many? Why are they all saying “no”? Does anyone even really need this?

We get both excited and anxious about the topic of actually finding people who will pay money for our services as podcast producers. It is super scary facing the potential rejection and distress that comes from looking for clients. It is also extremely necessary that we find these people for the sake of our businesses success. So what do we do?

Most of us spend some time sitting around feeling anxious and sorry for ourselves…I know that I did. But when you are ready to get back up, you have to start learning how to find those ideal clients we talked about before.

Easier said than done, I know, but in this episode, I will go over my experience using different platforms and what options/tactics for finding clients are available to you.

In this episode, we will talk about:

+Where to find clients

+The kind of work that goes into pitching to leads

+Different platforms where you can find work

Resources talked about in this episode:

Pod People: https://pod-people.circle.so/home

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