Ep #8 How To Make Money, Editing Other People’s Podcasts?

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“Ep. #8 How To Make Money Editing Other People’s Podcasts”

Can You Make Money by Editing Someone Else’s Podcast?

You have the process down and you know you could replicate it for someone else…maybe even two someone else’s or more, but HOW do you do it?

Specialists and technicians can often feel like they are at a dead end when it comes to actually converting their tasks and operations into services they can provide for other people.

But others are doing it, why can’t I?

The bridge between being able to do something and actually being paid to do that thing comes down to presentation.

++Have you made a list of the tasks you are able to do?

++Have you made a list of tasks you’re NOT able to do?

++Have you outlined these tasks as a package or as a proposal that you can put a price tag on and share with prospects?

In this episode, we skim the surface of what it looks like to start converting your talents into an actual product.

This is part 2 of our 5 steps to becoming a podcast producer. If you haven’t listened to the other episodes yet, listen to them here.

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“Sir” Isaac Smith has been working in audio production for over eight years, guiding new podcasters through the process of creating, launching, and maintaining their shows. Whether you are contemplating how to get your podcast off the ground or you’re interested in taking your production game to the next level, subscribe to The Full Time Podcast Producer as your go-to resource for pure podcast education.


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