Ep #3 Why Did You Start a Podcast and Who is Your Podcast For?

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“Ep. #3 Why Did You Start a Podcast and Who is Your Podcast For?”

WHY did you start your podcast?

WHO is your target audience?

HOW do you communicate your WHY to your WHO?

If you do now know your WHY and your WHO, it is very easy to lose your direction in podcasting, because everything you do with your content, goes back to these 2 pillars.

So, how do you identify your WHO and you WHY?

It’s time to establish your Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP). Once you have an MTP established, you will never have to worry about being lost when it comes to creating content for your podcast.

In this episode, we talk about MTPs and I share some resources you can use for finding yours.

References mentioned in the show:

“Podcast Marketing” by Daniel Larson

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