Ep #1 What Is a Podcast and What Does a Podcast Producer Do?

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“Ep. #1 What Is a Podcast and What Does a Podcast Producer Do?”

What exactly is a podcast?

In this premier episode host Isaac Smith defines it as, “a privately owned, independently created and self-regulated show that is designed to educate, entertain, or inspire a target audience.”

Podcasts can be video or audio and are usually consumed with a computer or smartphone via a podcast app.

Therefore, one can think of podcasting as a TOOL to:
++ Generate Exposure
++ Establish Expertise
++ Connect With or Educate a Target Audience

So, what’s a podcast producer? Do you need one? Can you be one? Isaac answers these questions and tells listeners what it takes to bring a show to life.

Got Questions? Isaac would love to hear from you! | Linkedin | sir.isaac.smith@gmail.com

“Sir” Isaac Smith has been working in audio production for over eight years, guiding new podcasters through the process of creating, launching, and maintaining their shows. Whether you are contemplating how to get your podcast off the ground or you’re interested in taking your production game to the next level, subscribe to The Full Time Podcast Producer as your go-to resource for pure podcast education.


Isaac Smith


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