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In the guest corner, coming to the podcast from Bellport, New York, with a perfect record, 12 wins, zero defeats with four big wins by knockout, and a current candidate for Suffolk County Police Department, Matt welcomes “El Torro Alex Vargas. The southpaw fought his first amateur fight at the age of nine. Vargas continued to do well in the amateur circuit, but before turning pro, he earned his bachelor’s degree in teaching English as a second language from SUNY Cortland and a bilingual certificate in Spanish from the Institute of International Languages, in Columbia, South America.

Upon returning from Columbia, he achieved one of his lifelong dreams of becoming a professional boxer. After a few years of fighting—and winning—he got the chance to achieve his second dream, that of becoming a police officer. The undefeated champ says walking away from boxing was the most difficult decision he’s ever had to make. He’d worked hard to get to where he was, a rising star in the boxing world.

At the same time, he waited three years to get to the call from Suffolk County Police Department and after six months of interviews he got an offer and jumped at the chance to join the academy. Like being a boxer, Vargas believes the desire to be an officer comes from within. He’s thrilled to be moving into a job where he believes he can make the biggest positive impact. Ultimately, he wants to make a difference in people’s lives.

Years of training in the gym prepared him well for the physical rigors and discipline of the academy.Just like a fight, you prepare to do your very best,” which now includes a clean-cut appearance, learning the law and being a great role model, like the ones who inspired him to want to join the department. He’s especially excited to be a force for good and positivity at a time in American culture where police are getting a bad rap.

Does he miss boxing? Yes! But once he graduates from the academy, he’ll be allowed to compete again. Follow Vargas on social media to find out if, and when, he steps back into the ring.

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