Motherhood: The Ultimate Title for Prizefighter Alicia Napoleon Espinosa

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In the guest corner, from Lindenhurst Long Island, New York, with twelve wins, against only two defeats, seven by knockout, the WBA’s current #5 ranked contender and the former WBA Supermiddleweight Champion of the World, the Empress Alicia Napoleon Espinosa. Compared to any opponent she’s ever faced in the ring or any grueling training regime she’s endured, motherhood has been the ultimate challenge. Facing the wonder and beauty and difficulty of it all has made her an even fiercer fighter. Whoever faces her in her next bout will undoubtedly be fighting for their life.
Espinosa says giving birth and caring for her infant daughter has taken her toughness to a new level. So that she can be at home with her daughter, Espinosa has been getting up at 3am to make it to Gleason’s in Brooklyn by 5am, train and then get home again before her husband leaves for work. She also works out closer to home and runs every day to get back to her pre-pregnancy body, to fight stronger and faster at 160 or below.
As an athlete Espinosa was used to being in tip top shape. So, allowing her body to go through all the changes that come along with having a baby was difficult for her, even though she enjoyed it. As a result, she has a new drive and fresh determination to tune up leading to a title picture. Her goal is for her daughter to see it happen. As a role model, she wants to show her daughter there’s no such thing as quit. “I’ll be trying to accomplish a lot of things as she grows.”
These days her biggest challenge is finding time for herself. And managing her occasional mom guilt for leaving her daughter. Sometimes she wrestles with doubt that she can do it but continues to make her way back. She says every day she’s a little further up the mountain and soon she’ll be back on top.
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