Cheryl Miller, Co-Author of “Business Doing Good”

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Dustin Plantholt’s Life’s Tough: YOU can be TOUGHER! podcast this week features Cheryl Miller, Owner of Quantum Consulting and Training.  

During her interview with Dustin, Cheryl Miller tells of her past personal challenges as a homeless single mom with two kids born into the welfare system. With the help of others along the way, Miller managed to overcome many uphill battles and obstacles—eventually graduating with a Bachelor’s and a graduate degree.

Miller had become a  teacher and then worked for over 18 years in the nonprofit sector before opening up her own business, Quantum Consulting and Training. Through her company she helped other women who were former addicts or victims of domestic violence, experienced poverty or homelessness, or were incarcerated or had exited from the sex industry, to find meaningful careers to transition back into the normal paths of society.

Miller also co-authored with Shannon Deer the recently published book, Business Doing Good: Engaging Women and Elevating Communities.  Through her book, Miller hopes other businesses will follow suit and step up to their plate and hire these special groups of women, who make up a large percentage of the nontraditional workforce.  

“When you give people an opportunity, especially those who are ready to change, ready to do something different, you are not only impacting that person’s life but also impacting generations to come.” Says Miller.

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Dustin Plantholt is founder and CEO of Life’s Tough. Surviving a traumatic childhood and now raising a family of his own, he is dedicated to helping others find their voice through sharing their story. Dustin says “Together, we are sparking a movement and changing the world, one heart at a time. It’s life … life is tough … but YOU can be TOUGHER!” 


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