Special Interview with Queen Diambi of the Democratic Republic of Congo

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In this episode of “Life’s Tough—YOU can be TOUGHER!”, host Dustin Plantholt interviews Her Royal Highness Queen Diambi Kabatusuila Tshiyoyo Muata of the Democratic Republic of Congo. In this episode, Queen Diambi, whose name means “the bearer of good news,” shines her best light and shares important truths about the African continent.

This engaging interview begins with the story behind Her Royal Highness Queen Diambi’s full name. Then, we learn more about the beauty and diverse history that Africa embodies—along with a section debunking misconceptions about Africa. In so doing, Queen Diambi delves into the “Two Africas.” There is the 1885 Berlin Conference vision of Africa in which Europeans sought to cut Africa into pieces for exploitative means. The Africa that Queen Diambi emphasizes is the Africa of the People—the Africa that is over 200,000 years old.

From this perspective, Queen Diambi talks about how Africa is where the true history and true accomplishments of civilization took place and continues to take place. In other words, Africa is the birthplace and foundation of civilization—and far more than the mere categorization of “cradle.” As Queen Diambi says, “We only left Africa 70,000 years ago. If humanity is 100, you leave Africa when you are 60…You didn’t leave a cradle.” Queen Diambi also reframes the way Africa is portrayed by using an extended metaphor of Africa as our wise mother who we ought to realize our interconnected relationship with and show her the utmost respect for raising and supporting us.

Additionally, when you think about major concepts in mathematics, sciences, coding systems, philosophy, and architectural feats—all of this originated in Africa, too. So why is this history not taught in western schooling? As Queen Diambi reflects, it is about the so-called winners of history who “creat[e] an artificial narrative to justify why they treat Africa the way they do.”

Throughout the episode, we learn about the ways “Africa is our home, and that history belongs to our community” because African history is human history. And in the wise words of Queen Diambi, “We are all human. Our wealth reside[s] in our diversity because the more diverse we are, the more creative we can be when we have to find solutions. However, our strength lies in our unity. And unity doesn’t mean unicity–unity means you are different, and I love it, because your difference will complete me. Your difference will supplement me—complement me. So, when we change that and we give everyone the opportunity to shine their best light, then how lit will we be together.”

If you are someone who enjoys learning accurate history of the world, understanding the reality behind common misconceptions, as well as discussions about how to create healing between countries and bridge the gap between communities—tune into the “Life’s Tough—YOU can be TOUGHER!” podcast featuring highly esteemed guest, Her Royal Highness Queen Diambi Kabatusuila Tshiyoyo Muata of the Democratic Republic of Congo. For more information, visit www.lifestough.com and follow our social media @LifesToughMedia.


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