David Vaskevitch: Building Microsoft from the Ground Up with Bill Gates

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The latest podcast episode of “Life’s Tough—YOU Can Be TOUGHER!” is about David Vaskevitch, former CTO (Chief Technical Officer) for Microsoft and founder of Mylio, a product that digitizes and organizes a lifetime of memories.

This “Life’s Tough” episode released on July 21, 2021 and is now available on all major podcast platforms under our “Life’s Tough Podcast” channel. Together with host Dustin Plantholt, David shares his life story and what he learned from formative work experiences at Microsoft and beyond.

When David was little, he moved from Israel to Canada and learned how to read, speak, and write in English. On a typical school day, young David could be found with his head in a book rather than playing sports at recess. Reading widely and voraciously, he would pick up 10-15 books a week from the library and got comfortable learning new things on his own. A passionate child graced with good fortune, David’s love for science fiction and technology truly blossomed when he gained access to his high school’s mainframe computer in the 1960s—long before computers were widely accessible.

After graduating with a master’s in computer science from the University of Toronto and completing a thesis about text editors, David was hired as employee number 901 at Microsoft. David discusses in detail how his vision for the future of computers aligned with Bill Gates’, and how he helped to “make Windows and what became Office successful.” While life gets tough, and overcoming challenges can seem impossible, David’s determination to build Microsoft’s consulting services and small business division formed a tougher, more robust company.

Dabbling with a plethora of ventures, such as publishing Client/Server Strategies: A Survival Guide for Corporate Re-engineers, and founding his application, Mylio, David reveals how he brainstorms new ideas and brings them into fruition. From his time in Microsoft to his business projects today, David talks about how his fascination with human memory and technology led him to design a multifaceted product that unites his interests in both purpose and design.
If you’re wondering how to start a company, how to create to a product you are proud of, and/or how to brainstorm new ideas, tune into episode 78 of “Life’s Tough: YOU can be TOUGHER!” featuring business visionary, entrepreneur, and innovator David Vaskevitch.

To learn more about David Vaskevitch and his application Mylio, check out www.mylio.com. To discover more from Life’s Tough Media’s expansive collection of podcasts and services, follow our social media @LifesToughMedia and visit www.lifestough.com



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